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If I do get to kiss,date,make out,have kids,and get married how will I atract boys?
Asked at 00:46 on Monday 12 November 2007 by Ashante (Pawiggypoo1) Report this Question

2 Answers
the turns on and offs attract u to certain ppl, but if u type in boolProp testingcheatsenabled true (note spaces and capital u need) then u can drag the relationship bars to 100 and the other person's bar to and they r in love,also if 1 sim is not attracted to u u can just change ur appearance to his turn ons,
u can also drink the renuyu Pota chung or watever it is called and change ur turns on and offs
Answered at 21:41 on Tuesday 20 November 2007 by Lee (simzsensation)
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