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hey, how do ur sim dogs have a baby? i have to sims dogs diferent sex and their relationship bars r at 100 but u still can't get them to have a baby.
Asked at 17:07 on Saturday 29 December 2007 by Lee (simzsensation) Report this Question

2 Answers
o nvm..sorry
Answered at 01:43 on Monday 31 December 2007 by Lee (simzsensation)
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Yes the can you click on your sim get your sim to interact with you pet click on your pet and choose influence to try for offspring with..... then the 2 dogs or cats will walk to the kennel and have sex if you hear a lullaby then your pets pregnant be careful lots of little pups can be a handfull
Answered at 11:31 on Friday 18 January 2008 by Tanika Donald (thesims2987)
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