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how do you redesign the cow idol with the imagination lathe please help some one a.s.a.p??????????????????
Asked at 19:59 on Monday 28 January 2008 by yashira (shorty05) Report this Question

11 Answers
walk up to the imangination lathe in issac's house and the option should come up to redesign it. If you can't you may need to increase your creativity skill first.
Answered at 19:03 on Sunday 2 November 2008 by Amy (amisix)
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If you still need it here' s an answer:
Remember the wheel-chair like
device in Rossum's house that you
used to make a cow idol? Get back
to his house then go to that device.
Select ' Redesign Idol '. Off you go then.

I hope I helped you. Anymore questions?
You can post, I will answer. :)
Answered at 13:41 on Tuesday 23 December 2008 by anne janeth (anne09_23rad)
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