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I've notest that the ancesters of pre-made sims are shown married on the family tree, but when my sims die they lose their marrage links on the family tree. Is there a way for dead sims to still be shown married on their family tree?
Asked at 12:49 on Saturday 7 March 2009 by courage Report this Question

2 Answers
That would probably require a mod of some description. I haven't come across one - and believe me, I've seen some bizarre mods in my time - so I'm not sure if someone's gotten around to it.

You could always head over to MTS2 and search through their mod section, but I think you need to be registered to download anything.
Answered at 01:12 on Thursday 6 August 2009 by Laura (LilMissLoza)
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Thank you, I went to www.modthesims2.com and found a mod called "Marrage-PostMortem" that keeps sims married even after death.
Answered at 20:28 on Saturday 15 August 2009 by courage
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