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Is there any way to get magicoins quickly?
Asked at 21:36 on Tuesday 22 September 2009 by Asti (amx_99) Report this Question

2 Answers
I heard a rumor that by typing 'MAGIbud' in the cheat box, you can get 1000 magi_coins ... but it won't do in my case. The game keeps telling me 'no such cheat'.

So .. i'm still to the conventional way instead. but if you wanna have fast magi_coins so badly, I think there's some of the website which already come up with what they called as 'hacked_objects' ... but i forgot where to search.

Besides ... when you have everything at hands, the game won't be so challenging and lost it's purpose ... don't you think? =) ...

Answered at 18:14 on Friday 1 October 2010 by Willy (theGodofgoddest)
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if you want you can keep moving so that the guy who gives you a cardboard box full of magicoins and other magic items will come.i suggest that u dont set up your house or anything, just move your sims in,wait for the box and open it,then move to a new house...and so on untill your happy with the amount of magic coins u have....this will also bennifit u since u will have lots of the begginer magic ingriedients too. :)
Answered at 21:04 on Tuesday 15 March 2011 by Bailey (DropDeadLovely)
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