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Where can I find pedestrian portals to download? I've looked everywhere and the only one that I could find doesn't work. I may be using it wrong, but i comes up under Buy mode, but doesn't show up when i go to place it.
Asked at 12:19 on Thursday 1 April 2004 by Brittany (Baililiang) Report this Question

2 Answers
Are pedestrian portals the things that teleport neiborghs? If so, there are some nice ones at www.aroundthesims.com. If that url doesn't work try going to www.lyranssimdesign.com because ATS is one of Lyran's affilates. As for why it disapeared i think it's probably 'cause you didn't have the right eps.
Answered at 00:17 on Saturday 3 April 2004 by Emily (emeldu2998)
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It's an incvisible object. You're no supposed to see it. Place the object on the edge of the lot on the sidewalk and try again. It should work now.
Answered at 13:17 on Friday 3 November 2006 by minnakorpela
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