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How do I use this Knowledge Database?
Asked at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone Report this Question

1 Answer
If you have a question, it may have been answered already. That means you should search first, before posting your question. Even if you find your question without an answer, please don't post it again. An answer will probably be provided soon. You can Subscribe to that question, so you will receive an e-mail whenever an answer is posted. Just click the "Subscribe" link at the top on the question page.

If you cannot find your question, you can post a new one. First browse to the category the question fits in the best. Scroll down to the page, until you see the "Ask a Question" form. Enter your question, press the Ask button, and your question will be posted. You will also be subscribed automatically, so you will receive an e-mail when an answer is posted.

To answer a question, simply enter your answer in the form at the bottom of a question's page. You can use limited HTML tags to format the text. Which tags you can use is described below the form. Press Preview to see your answer before actually posting it.
Answered at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone
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