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One of my three sims started coughing and sneezing I didnt know what was going on then I saw that my second sim started doing the same thing then the third sim!!! Are they sick!?!?!?! If so HOW DO I CURE THEM??
Asked at 23:11 on Sunday 11 April 2004 by Sims_luver Report this Question

5 Answers
do you have a gerbil? If so was the cage clean? if that's the case, buy the painting of the gerbil and hang it in your home. otherwise, i don't know.
Answered at 02:40 on Monday 12 April 2004 by Sara (chloecat)
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There are a few different cheat items you can download to cure your sims, but if you want to tough it out, the best thing to do moniter their needs very carefully and make sure your sims stay clear of each other to keep it from spreading. Also, your energy level will decrease more rabidly than normal so don't have your sims doing a lot of running around. It should resolve itself in a few sim days if you keep all of their status bars green.
Answered at 12:45 on Monday 12 April 2004 by Brandy (Faerygardn)
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www. c-and-c-enterprises.com for a medicine box that cures all illnesses that your sims may get.
Answered at 16:00 on Saturday 24 July 2004 by Linda Lauder (LynnLau)
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Here's the easiest fix.

CTRL SHIFT C for cheat window

move_objects on <enter>

And delete the sick sim(s). Click on their picture to bring them back healthy and fully restored.

NOTE: You will lose any skill points you have accumulated since your last save, so save first.
Answered at 19:01 on Tuesday 24 August 2004 by sassysue
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if your sim gets sick despite washing your hands after holding the guinea pig, you can normally nurse the sim back to health by drinking lots of hot drinks, getting lots of rest and keeping the energy bar really high.
Answered at 12:27 on Friday 12 November 2004 by mike rice (mike_rice)
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