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Are there any other pets (besides dogs, cats, birds etc.)That you can buy or make or whatever on Makin' Magic!?! If so what are they and how do you get them?!!?
Asked at 23:19 on Sunday 11 April 2004 by Sims_luver Report this Question

4 Answers
You can get a pet dragon if you go to magic town and go see vicki vampiress. Buy a dragon nest from her and soon your baby dragon will hatch!
Answered at 02:39 on Monday 12 April 2004 by Sara (chloecat)
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Answered at 23:46 on Monday 12 April 2004 by Sims_luver
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Buy one at Vicki Vampire's cart in Magic Town or download a buyable dragon with the toys at http://sims.kelsha.net under 'Objects'-->'Buyable'. The treats are downloadable at http://www.c-and-c-enterprises.com under 'Regular Simmies'. The colour and personality of your dragon depends on how many attention you give to the egg.
Answered at 23:04 on Friday 21 May 2004 by Kirsten (DreamDragon)
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You need to go to Magic Town and in own location you will see Vicki Vampire. She has a dragon nest for 49 magicoins and if you treat the nest nicely and kind, you might end up with a GOLDEN dragon which is the best behaved.
Answered at 22:33 on Wednesday 14 November 2007 by Andrew (Dragonman)
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