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What is Magic Growth? I have heard it has special ailites, how many, what are they, how do u get all the different ones, and will they get your sim in relationship trouble or anything like that or will it benifit them?
Asked at 00:34 on Wednesday 14 April 2004 by Sims_luver Report this Question

3 Answers
Magic growth is either abilitie crystals, a bean stock or the root of all problems.
The crystals give your sims abilities to put out fire, to levatate themselves, to transport them selves and to play tricks on other sims(I think)
The beanstocks will take a while to grow and then your sims can climb it. at the top there will be alot of magic beans and a giant.
The root of all problems will make trouble on your lot like fires and broken down apliances.
To get magic growth, You have to know 15 spells and/or charms on a regular lot, and in magic town you need 10.
Answered at 15:23 on Wednesday 14 April 2004 by Emily (emeldu2998)
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And how do you actually get the magic growth? By buying? Or does it just appear?
Answered at 06:31 on Sunday 16 May 2004 by NA (supa_sim_star)
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Magical growths appear if your sims cast a lot of spells in a short period of time. As to your question about whether it could cause relationship trouble, it's unlikely. Who doesn't love a sorcerer?
Answered at 17:47 on Friday 28 April 2006 by Sorcererlady
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