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I don't receive e-mails about answers to questions I subscribed to!
Asked at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone Report this Question

1 Answer
This could happen because of several reasons. The most likely ones are that or the e-mail address in your member profile is not right, or you don't allow The Sims Zone to send you any e-mails. In the latter case, subscribing to a question will only add it to the favourites,

To edit your profile, go to the My Details page.

Note that only registered members can subscribe to questions.

Another reason is that you weren't logged in last time you viewed the question. In that case, you already received an e-mail of an earlier answer, but not again because the system doesn't know that you viewed the question again after that.

Finally, there may be something wrong with the Sims Zone's server. That should be quite unlikely though, and usually such problems should be fixed soon enough. If the problems persist, e-mail us to tell us about the problem.
Answered at 01:00 on Sunday 1 February 2004 by The Sims Zone
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