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One of my house crashes every time i play it.I have 4 stars and a half i know all the magics and my person has a boy friend.Thay are so rich.Thay have a great big house and a dog what do i do.
Asked at 06:26 on Monday 10 May 2004 by chris (chris2) Report this Question

2 Answers
My house kept on crashing, and everytime it did i had to re start the game. But then i realised that every time i re started the game and went on to the house i was doing exactly the same things, like make them feed the fish and stuff. When i changed all of thet it stopped crashing. I don't know why!!!!!
Answered at 15:48 on Monday 10 May 2004 by Liz (EKJP)
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like Liz said, the thing that's making your game crash it that you probably have a bad download. run file cop to look for bad files. if you're like me and your computer's to packed with sims data to get that, then just upload all your good families to the sims exchange, re-install the sims, and download the family again. i know it's drastic, but it's the best i can do. sorry.
Answered at 19:48 on Monday 23 August 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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