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How do you win Magic Duels? I have tried countless times and I still loose! My sim has full logic and everything because I talked to the Mysterious Man and he said something about "barin not brawn".
Asked at 17:41 on Thursday 27 May 2004 by kitty_kattle_90 Report this Question

3 Answers
To win, you have to use the right spell against the person. I don't know what the combos are.
Answered at 21:41 on Sunday 30 May 2004 by Emily (emeldu2998)
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Actually to win it's like rock paper,scissors everything beats 2 things and gets beat by two thing you just have to know what beats what. And look at which one your opponent is using
Answered at 23:24 on Sunday 27 June 2004 by Jordan (Degrassidude19)
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They use You use
White L Black B or Yellow B
Red W White L or Yellow B
Black B Red W or Blue T
Yellow B Blue T or Black B
Blue T White L or Red W
Answered at 19:20 on Monday 23 August 2004 by G Dog (griff1993)
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