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I accidentally deleted Vicky the Vampires cart while I was redesigning the lot, and now I can't buy Dragons anywhere!
Asked at 23:37 on Monday 31 May 2004 by Marie (SimInNeed) Report this Question

3 Answers
ok, im gonna do this like your a compleate idiot so i dont leave out anything,

when you turn on the game click the magic neigborhood button, and then click on whatever lot you want to put vikki in. then click on the "magic co" set of stuff. then click on the little plus sign that means ohter stuff, or more or something . . . . im pretty sure its there, if not keep searching in all that stuff until you find her cart. then place it where ever u want and there you go.

p.s. did you onoly delete one of them? because i think there is another one in a diffrent lot . . .

hope this helps

- Amisamilyis@yahoo.com
Answered at 00:59 on Tuesday 1 June 2004 by Amy (Amisamil)
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Thanks! *runs off to go play sims* Muhahaha!
Answered at 02:21 on Tuesday 1 June 2004 by Marie (SimInNeed)
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go to buy mode, then go to shops bit and then go to miscellaneous
Answered at 19:21 on Thursday 14 December 2006 by Andrew (frank21)
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