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I have recently found a way to get black roses and toadstools but are there any other hidden ingriedients?
Asked at 22:52 on Tuesday 1 June 2004 by Heather (lil_hev15) Report this Question

4 Answers
Yes, some ingredients can be found around the house (useful because kids can use them too). Other ingredients are Dragon scales, and Dragon Tears, and Faerie Dust. You must have a dragon to get tears and scales, for scales sometimes when you groom them scales fall off, and if you tickle them a lot you get dragon tears. One of the magical items available for kids is a toy box with a butterfly on it, if you play with that you get faerie dust.
Answered at 02:49 on Thursday 1 July 2004 by Bri (AquaAngel116)
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how do you get black roses and toadstools?
Answered at 13:25 on Thursday 1 July 2004 by lovemusicnsun
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You get toadstools by sitting on a toadstool-chair a lot: the toadstools will be growing in your garden.
I've found a way to get free toadsweat as well: get a toadplague (for example by letting a kid try to "make cakes") and then make your sim kiss the toads (this must be a grown up, kids can't kiss them). Some of the toads will fall in love with your sim, the sim will get toadsweat in his/her inventory.
Answered at 16:57 on Sunday 4 July 2004 by anneke (anneke)
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to get black roses what you have to do is this: Make a normal person and make them get the smiley face spell and the big question. Make them go to studio town and talk to a celeb, then cast the smiley face spell. Then go home. Go to your phone and invite the superstar round. When they are round cast the big question spell. A obsesed fan will come round and eventually drop black roses and VoliĆ”! Black roses!
p.s you must have superstar to do this and the celeb must have 4.5 or 5 spells.
Answered at 19:52 on Saturday 11 September 2004 by Flo (princess_flo)
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