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How do I setup a Restruant? I put in 4 fridges and 4 stoves, and I only got 1 cook.
Asked at 04:53 on Friday 6 February 2004 by Ben1 Report this Question

5 Answers
I believe the number of cooks you get is based on the number of stoves and number of dining tables available. Don't forget the podium, dishwashers and trash compacters, so you can get the other NPC's needed to run your restaurant. Good luck!
Answered at 15:15 on Friday 6 February 2004 by LLF (lulu4757)
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the number of cooks is determined by the number of podiums. 1 podium = 1 cook, 2=2, etc
Answered at 23:50 on Tuesday 17 February 2004 by Sneeshy (yavoh)
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to make a good resturant you need two maitre'd stands, 2-4 of each kitchen item depending on the size, and how many tables you want to put in. for first dates, use 2 chairs and 1 table. for a date with a high relationship bar, use a booth. If you want a humongus(i think i spelled that right) resturant, use 6 booths and 14 tables. Don't forget decorations! A piano player is a must for a fancy resturant, karoake (superstar) pool table gambling machines for a bar, bullriding for barn dance, and pool for luaua have fun!
Answered at 00:23 on Wednesday 18 February 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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um......i made a restaurant and i got 3 cooks and what you have to tdo is if u put 4 fridges then u need 4 stoves and then u got the pattern!!!!
Answered at 23:32 on Wednesday 31 March 2004 by Caroline (SimCaroline)
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that's what she did but I agree with the podium one. It helps if you have double doors to the kitchen because it speeds the service up and my sims got stuck in a single door once. It was really annoying and my sims lost $200.
Answered at 11:51 on Tuesday 13 April 2004 by Ayesha (Ayeshagirl)
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